10 Investments That Secure Your Long-Term Future

February 27, 2022 5 min read

10 Investments That Secure Your Long-Term Future

10 Investments That Secure Your Long-Term Future

When you start your working life, the first thing you think about is buying everything you always wanted, those special edition tennis shoes from your favorite brand, imported books with spectacular covers, taking a trip abroad, visiting that friend who lives in a secret of Mexico.

The feeling of being able to do what you always wanted with your own money is something incomparable, but what happens when you notice that the clock is ticking and you are closer to 30 and concepts such as investment, inflation or assets begin to sound in your life?

Surely you have heard about these concepts at some point in your life, and it is not for less, we are talking about your future. Whatever stage or situation you find yourself in, you must begin to think of your money as an instrument to ensure your long-term plans; If you think you are too young to think about this, take Carlos Slim as a reference, who started investing from an early age.

How to invest to secure your future?

The future is built in the present and what better way to start now. You see, there is a concept called investment horizon, which is defined as a period, whether short, medium, or long term, in which an investment is planned to generate a profit.

How each type of horizon differs:

Short term:

it is up to one year, it focuses on liquidity and obtaining a stable return without risking your capital.


it is between one to five years, its purpose is to generate a higher return than in short-term investments but with a higher risk.

Long term:

it is more than five years, its main attraction lies in achieving strong growth of long-term invested capital, thus eliminating day-to-day uncertainty.

Benefits of making long-term investments

It reduces uncertainty due to its operation in non-volatile markets.
They are more profitable than short-term investments.
They are safe to carry out because the research that is carried out before the investment is carried out only once and in-depth.

There is information on the yield that will be produced at the end of the established period.
You reduce the cost generated by investing since you pay fewer commissions and taxes.
Investing is easy if you know how to do it! That is why we present 4 examples of investments that ensure your long-term future:

1. Investment funds

Investment funds are instruments for those who seek to invest through the grouping of small investors to generate higher returns in the stock market. The markets in which you can invest are capital, currencies, federal and state governments.

One of its main benefits is that it provides higher yields than those offered in traditional banking products. In addition, entry into the stock market can start from very low amounts and if you have no idea about finances, don't worry, investment funds can be managed by experts.

2. Portfolio creation and management

The creation of a portfolio is a strategy that seeks to diversify the investment and reduce risks. The type of assets in which it is invested are stocks, bonds, bank accounts, certificates, and other elements whose value does not usually depreciate significantly over time.

It may sound complicated at first glance, but fortunately, it is the banking institutions that are in charge of managing the ideal investment portfolio for your needs.

3. Invest in real estate

Investing in real estate requires patience: if you invest in a property and keep it for several years, then the price of the property will increase and you will be able to earn a little more money in the long run.

Today, there is high volatility in currencies and with them important financial risks. One type of alternative investment that is low risk is real estate investing.

Real estate is based on a broader concept than simply buying a house or land. The real estate sector today represents one of the most profitable due to the capital gain it generates over time

It is an investment where you need time. It is imperative that you give the property some time to grow efficiently and for the price to increase.

4. Invest in stocks on the stock market

The stock market works like a big market where shares are bought and sold based on the laws of the free market: supply and demand. These need to be managed by financial advisors, who will help you to know the risks as well as the estimated time to see the return on your investment.

Stocks, although considered a risky investment, really depend on how the investor handles them.
If you prefer quick profits, we can assure you that the risk will be higher because the chances of losing money will also be higher.

On the other hand, if you leave them for a long time, it is more likely that in the end, you will earn money since the stock market always tends to rise.

5. Invest in Gold

This is one of the safest types of investments since you know that you will have all the initial capital along with the principal amount. That is why investing in gold is safe.

If you invest in gold, chances are the value will never go down and the price will stay the same. The price of gold tends to go up and not down because the quantity of gold contracts, but the demand remains the same.

6. Invest in Bitcoin

Bitcoin is experiencing one of its new all-time highs! That’s why many investors say that now is the time to invest in this cryptocurrency.

If you make profits, keep in mind that these are very high, since the virtual currency fluctuates a lot (as well as losses, which can be quite large in a short time).

If you are the type who likes to take risk, we can assure you that Bitcoin is worth it because if you get returns they are very high. Analyzing the market daily is a must since it is the only way to obtain profits and anticipate possible losses.

7. Invest in mutual funds

A good form of investment is mutual funds if what you are looking for is security.

If you want to trade safely and earn some money, invest in mutual funds. One of their advantages is that they are easy to understand, in addition to generating good profits if you can understand them correctly.

8. Invest in P2P loans

These are credits offered by individuals to other individuals without the need for a bank in between. One of the advantages is that a large investment is not needed to obtain benefits. In some cases with a few hundred bucks, you can already start.

One of the advantages of these is that they allow the investor to choose the risk that he wants to run.

9. Invest in options

Options are contracts that give the buyer the right, but not the obligation to buy or sell an asset or stocks. It’s a good choice if you want to limit the risk within certain bounds.

One of the characteristics of these investments is that it’s up to the investor to decide how far he wants to go (that is, the risk he will assume). However, they have high volatility, which can positively or negatively affect results.

10. Invest in bonds

In bonds, the investor gives a loan to an organization in exchange for the payment of interest for some time that is established above.

One of the advantages of this type of investment is its security and negotiability. As far as profitability is concerned, this will vary depending on the type of investment.

Remember that none of the instruments we present to you displaces another, the key is to diversify your opportunities and expand your investment portfolio. Although each one indeed represents their respective risks and opportunities, you must take the time to investigate, compare and analyze to invest in the decision that will help you secure your future.